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The Ca$ico Designs Lineage 

Ca$ico Designs was established in 2005 by professional basketball player Casmore E’Bas II. Casmore is also the proud founder of the Casico Assisting Students Foundation. A percentage of sales from Ca$ico Designs x Deer To Be Different goes towards the CAS Foundation. The CAS Foundation (est. 2017) has donated and visited over 30+ schools between the USA and USVI.

Ca$ico Designs is not only a “clothing line.” We also master in film/photography (CD Cinema XII). Ca$ico Designs also does graphic designs, custom painting, and other forms of illustration, all of which can be seen in our online gallery (Deer Sightings).

Deer To Be Different was later established in 2016 as an extension of the Ca$ico Designs brand. The message behind “Deer To Be Different “ is self embracement and self love. To understand that we are all different in a number of ways but those differences are what makes us special. Those differences are not to be ashamed of, but embraced. *Daring to embrace your greatness/uniqueness despite what other may think or say.


The replacement of “dare” to “deer” is a play on words but it also has a deeper meaning. Throughout time the deer have represented many things. The stag (male deer) has been known as the “king and protectors of the forest.” While some tribes saw the deer as totem representing “intuition, peace and love.”


Most importantly the deer represents the ability to move through life and its obstacles with grace.

….so go on & “Deer To Be Different.”


                                                                                                                        Ca$ico Designs

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